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A premises liability claim arises when an individual is injured on property or “premises” owned or maintained by someone else.


Property owners and businesses have a duty to provide a safe environment. A premises liability case may involve commercial property, private residences and public areas as well.

At Showard Law Firm, we have handled a wide variety of premises liability cases including claims for falls in places of business, injuries resulting from faulty equipment, inadequate security, exposure to toxic chemicals, falling merchandise, dangerous animals, construction and worksite injuries and swimming pool accidents.

If you or a loved on has been injured as a result of an unsafe condition on someone's property it is important to act promptly. Most of these cases are caused by an unsafe condition which may be repaired, replaced or eliminated after an accident occurs. Proving the dangerous condition requires prompt investigation which includes photographing the scene, obtaining witness statements and if necessary having the scene investigated by an appropriate expert.

What to do if you are injured:

  • Seek medical attention immediately. Call 911 if necessary.
  • Take photos of all injuries and damages as soon as possible
  • Notify the business or property manager or owner immediately, but DO NOT sign anything.
  • DO NOT give a recorded statement to the insurance company.
  • DO NOT conclude your claim without legal advice – some injuries and pain may not show up until much later.
  • Contact the Showard Law Firm as soon as possible after the accident to ensure your rights are protected.

Defective Hip Implant Lawsuits


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