How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Searching for a Tucson personal injury lawyer can be a daunting process. In most cases, you may already be in a traumatic period in your life due to injury or illness, and then you are forced to make another decision in choosing a lawyer.

There are a few things to ask an attorney about when you have that first initial meeting, and the answers to those questions may prove to be a guide in deciding if a given attorney is right for you.

Think of that first meeting with an attorney like a job interview: you are hiring them. There are a few questions that you can ask that can help you to make an assessment about whether a lawyer is right for you.

Finding Out About Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers

Some attorneys practice in many areas of the law, and others specialize. Ask a prospective attorney what types of cases he or she handles. It is usually best to choose an attorney who handles cases like yours every day. At the Showard Law Firm, we handle personal injury cases, and we specialize in cases where patients have been injured or made ill by medical products like implants or pharmaceuticals. We also handle many auto accident lawsuits, premises and product liability cases, and other defective product cases.

It is also important to know which attorney will handle your case, since many practices have more than one attorney. The legal process can be slow and frustrating at times, and it is important to be working with an attorney you can trust and get along with. At the Showard Law Firm, compassion comes along with competence. We understand that you should focus on getting better, and we can focus on the legal issues.

Also, you should ask your attorney about their record. The defendants in your lawsuit will know everything about your attorney. Will they settle? Will they go to trial? You should know what to expect from your attorney as well. We will answer your questions about how we handle cases and our record when it comes to helping clients.

Asking the Right Question of Your Attorney

There are a few other tips to remember:

  • Be alert to any promise of money— in an initial consultation, a lawyer probably will not have the information to make an estimate about the value of your claim.
  • Ask about money— find out if you will need to provide any money initially, and also ask if your attorney has the financial resources to handle your case.
  • Make sure you get updates— make sure your attorney will keep you informed about developments in your case during the process.

These tips can help you choose a Tucson personal injury attorney that is right for you. Your case largely depends on the work of your attorney, and making the right decision can help ensure that you have the best representation possible when you need it most.

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