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As many of us age, we may develop various problems in our joints. For some folks surgical joint replacement procedures become necessary. As the baby boomer generation reached and passed middle age, the demand for such procedures increased substantially.

In response to this anticipated demand, DePuy® Orthopaedics, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson, developed the DePuy® ASR XL Acetabular System for hip replacements in 2005. DePuy® correctly anticipated the demand for prosthetic hips and, as a result, more than 93,000 patients have had these products implanted since their introduction.

Unfortunately, in its rush to market, Johnson & Johnson was able to convince the FDA to grant special clearance to sell these systems without first performing clinical trials normally employed to test the safety of such products. Within three years, the FDA began receiving numerous complaints regarding the ASR System. Based on pressure from the FDA and due to the extraordinarily high failure rate of the DePuy® ASR XL Systems, Depuy® “voluntarily” withdrew the product from the market in August 2010.

Numerous complications have been ascribed to this defective system, which include: component loosening, component misalignment, infection, fracture of the bone, dislocation, metal sensitivity, increased metal ion levels in the blood (metallosis), bone staining, necrosis, swelling, nerve damage, tissue damage, muscle damage and/or death. Although DePuy® offered surgery to replace these defective devices, such revision surgery does not address the substantial residual problems associated with DePuy's® Systems, and completely ignores substantial elements of damages to which injured patients or their families may be entitled and which may far exceed the costs associated with revision surgery.

Because of the mounting legal pressure against DePuy® and parent company Johnson & Johnson, the companies have agreed to enter in to a global settlement that will begin to help the thousands of people who have been adversely impacted by these poorly designed products. This settlement is complex, and to learn more about the ASR lawsuit settlement click here.

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Defective Hip Implant Lawsuits


Metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants that have been used for years have been publicly touted by manufacturers as being cutting-edge because they can allegedly improve mobility in patients with serious hip problems. However, research on the safety and efficacy of these MoM hip implants has pointed out that these devices can actually do more harm than good for some patients.