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Actos Bladder Cancer Plaintiffs Win $8M from California Jury

A woman who lost her husband to bladder cancer has been awarded a total of $8 million in damages by a California jury who, after eight days of deliberation, ruled that Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (the maker of Actos) failed to properly warn the public about the risk of bladder cancer when taking the diabetes drug Actos. This Actos bladder cancer …

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First Actos Trial Now Beginning

Jury selection starts today in the first trial against Takeda alleging the diabetes drug Actos caused bladder cancer.  There are more than 3,000 similar claims pending.  The Plaintiff, Jack Cooper, is suffering with bladder cancer and alleges that Takeda’s U. S. unit didn’t adequlately warn potential patients that Actos could cause the disease.  The FDA flagged the risk in a …

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Aspirin shown to slightly lower risk of cancer death

You’ve probably heard how taking aspirin can help prevent heart attacks, but one new study shows that daily aspirin use can slightly lower your risk of dying from cancer, especially cancer in the gastrointestinal tract. The study, which was funded by the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, showed that people who took aspirin daily for five years or more had …

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Melanoma risks double for young indoor tanners, researchers say

You might think that it’s safer to use a tanning bed than bake yourself out in the sun. In some respects, it is … but indoor tanning isn’t entirely without its own risks. Experts say melanoma is on the rise, particularly for those under 35 who do their tanning indoors. There’s a 20 percent increased risk for melanoma for indoor …

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